calcru: runtime went backwards

Sergei G sergeig.public at
Fri Jan 8 18:54:21 UTC 2016

I have a FreeBSD 10.2 running as a guest on Hyper-V.

When I shutdown guest I get a list of messages in form:

  calcru: runtime went backwards from 478058 usec to 241721 usec for pid
239 (dhclient)

The list includes various usec numbers and at least the following process
names:  sshd, syslogd, pflogd, devd, dhclient, pagezero, vmdaemon,
sctp_iterator, fdc0, cam, geom, init, kernel

How do I fix this (clock synchronization?) problem?

I downloaded FreeBSD Hyper-V image and run VM in a  diff mode.

If I remember correctly I did not install anything special on the guest to
support Hyper-V.  I assumed that if Hyper-V image is provided it must have
what's necessary.

Thank you

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