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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Jan 5 14:39:27 UTC 2016

On 05/01/2016 14:13, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
> Matthew, thank you, that solved the problem.


>> >Personally, I'd name the mail server as '' and use an MX
>> >record to direct the mail to it.  That's pretty standard and it will
>> >help avoid your messages getting classed as spam.

> Sorry, I don't understand this fully.
> After I set in MX record,
> do I need to change anything on the server side
> for this to work?
> I naively thought that using makes
> sense only if it refers to physically diffent
> host than Am I wrong?

Yes -- as I said, you /can/ do without an MX record if you want to.
However, I recommend that you do always have an MX record: it basically
makes it transparently obvious to people that might want to exchange
e-mail with you that you intended for this host to handle SMTP traffic.
 In fact, even if your mail host uses just the domain as its hostname,
I'd still have IN MX 0

Which looks entirely redundant, but the reason to have it is more social
and reputational rather than technical.

> Sorry for taking your time.
> Perhaps you can point to a good background
> reading on this. I'm lost in multitude of
> advice on the net.

Given you've an address, try finding the O'Reilly Sendmail book in
the library there.  It's a bit of a doorstop, but a lot of it consists
of enumerating various different options -- reference stuff, rather than
instructional material.  Not sure if it's still available to buy, but
that is probably the best guide to Sendmail you'll find.

For quick reference I find /usr/share/sendmail/cf/README is actually
pretty good.



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