There is problem during dump/restore.

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Jan 5 13:22:22 UTC 2016

On 2016/01/05 12:32, Shahin Hasanov wrote:
> I had server FreeBSD 10.1
> I make dump:
> dump -0 -a -f /home/USER/node2.dump /dev/da0p2
> When I trying
> # restore -r -f /mnt/node2.dump
> I was gave error message 
> cannot find directory inode 10032011
> abort? [yn] n
> cannot find directory inode 10032013
> abort? [yn] n

How big is the filesystem you're restoring to compared to the one you

You did create a new, empty filesystem to restore into, mount that and
change directory to the mount point before attempting the restore?  And
you didn't copy the dumpfile 'node2.dump' into the filesystem you're
attempting to restore to -- 'restore -r' wants a brand new, empty
filesystem initially?

Are you using SU+J (Soft Updates + Journalling) on the newly created
filesystem?  While that's the default for the system installer nowadays,
it doesn't actually play well with dump/restore.



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