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Mon Jan 4 16:11:56 UTC 2016

El 04/01/2016 a las 11:39 a.m., Paul Stuffins escribió:
> Afternoon Everyone,
> I have a spare desktop lying around here that I want to turn into a basic
> bandwidth monitor, along with various other things including website
> filtering.

If you mean to filter http and https by url, you will have to use a 
proxy, and acl filtering. I would recommend use an old desktop to do 
this. This will became the bottleneck of your network.

> I have seen, which I believe is based on FreeBSD,
> but I am not keen on paying the $50 a month for a license, is there any
> software that anyone can recommend to me?
> My needs, to start with, are basically to monitor what devices are
> connected, and how much each device transfers on a hourly/daily/monthly
> basis, and potentially apply limits to each device.

If you just want to know bandwith usage for each IP address on your 
network, you cold do 2 things:
1) Use a port mirror in your router switch port and redirect this 
traffic to a dedicated interface in your freebsd server and log all 
using net-mgmt/ipfm
2) Configure your router to log traffic to your freebsd server using 
netflow, then configure net-mgmt/nfdump to save and show statistics onf 
the server side.

If you decide to use a port mirror and collect all traffic, you can also 
use net/httpry to log all http urls accesed from your network, but it 
will not work with https, you cant see the encrypted url unless you have 
a non transparent proxy.

I hope this helps you.

Saludos, Juan
> Many Thanks
> Paul
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