VM Options

Greg Groth ggroth99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:59:14 UTC 2016

I'm looking to repurpose an older HP G6 and an older G7 server, and an HP
MSA with 8 TB of storage as VM hosts for VM guests consisting of Windows
2012 R2 development servers, and non-mission critical FreeBSD 10.2
servers.  We're using VMware for all of our production servers, but I don't
want to purchase additional licenses for this purpose.

 I'd love to use FreeBSD for the hosts, but am unsure if the hardware will
pose any issues.  I'm guessing that since ESX had no issues that FreeBSD
should be OK in this day and age.

If the hardware is OK, should I be looking at bhyve, KVM or VirtualBox?

 The only issue I can think of that might sway the choice from one to
another would be that while I'm comfortable with setting up config files
from the command line, a GUI would be nice to allow people other than
myself something to monitor the install.

 Any comments / thoughts / advice on this project would be most

Best regards,

Greg Groth

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