Updating Samba on new server.

Andrew Berg aberg010 at my.hennepintech.edu
Tue Feb 23 12:49:38 UTC 2016

On 2016.02.23 04:51, Carmel wrote:
> I probably should ask this on the Samba forum; however, I was hoping
> that someone here might have an answer for me.
> I am moving from an older server to a newer one. I intended to install
> the latest versions of FreeBSD and of the other programs I use. One of
> those programs is Samba.
> ...
> Can I import my old smb.conf file to start up with? At least I would
> have a base configuration to start with.
There is actually not a ton of configuration difference between Samba 3 and 4
until you start doing things that are new to Samba 4. I wasted so much time
looking for what was different and how to adjust until I stumbled across a
mailing list post from one of the developers basically saying the
configurations are the same. YMMV, but I was up and running with little, if
any, change to my config. Start with your existing configuration, test, and
change as needed.

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