Updating Samba on new server.

Carmel carmel_ny at outlook.com
Tue Feb 23 10:52:20 UTC 2016

I probably should ask this on the Samba forum; however, I was hoping
that someone here might have an answer for me.

I am moving from an older server to a newer one. I intended to install
the latest versions of FreeBSD and of the other programs I use. One of
those programs is Samba.

I presently have samba36-3.6.25_1 installed on my old system. I intend
to install samba43-4.3.3 on the new one. It is my understanding that
SWAT is no longer available for Samba.

Due to the way the server is used, modifications to the smb.conf file
are fairly common. SWAT made that extremely easy. Is there another GUI
available that works similar to how SWAT did? I really hate thinking
that I will have to manually edit the file every time it requires

Can I import my old smb.conf file to start up with? At least I would
have a base configuration to start with.



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