minimize use of root account

Yudi V yudi.tux at
Mon Feb 22 02:07:29 UTC 2016

Thanks Polytropon.

based on the answers here looks like the best answer is to use SUDO or

> ###############
> > #!/bin/csh -f
> Why?!
> There's a relevant article: "Csh Programming Considered Harmful" written
> by Tom Christiansen.
> I have written one (!) csh script and I still regret it, maybe because
> it still works. :-)
> On FreeBSD, the default shell script interpreter is /bin/sh.
> I am fairly new to Freebsd and I checked the shell variable before I wrote
the script and as it said CSH, I just went with the csh script. I did not
get why the user shell is /bin/sh and the root is /bin/csh.
This is on a personal backup server and only has few scripts. I dont want
to readup on yet another shell scripting (someone in the forum mentioned
that /bin/sh is Almquist's Shell NOT bash). for the few scripts I run on
this server, I am just happy if they work as intended. If the server was
meant for anything else I will definitely not use csh scripts.

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