FTPD and umask

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Thu Feb 18 00:20:22 UTC 2016

On Wed, 17 Feb 2016 16:13:57 -0800, Sergei G wrote:
> I made these /etc/rc.conf changes:
> ftpd_enable="YES"
> ftpd_flags="-u u=rw,g=rw,o=r"
> But files uploaded to FTPD location still get created with:
> rw-r--r--
> file mask.  How do I force new file to be group writable?

By specifying the umask in the required format. From "man ftpd":

     -u      The default file creation mode mask is set to umask, which is
             expected to be an octal numeric value.  Refer to umask(2) for
             details.  This option may be overridden by login.conf(5).

Use ftpd_flags="-u 664" for the group write permission.

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