kbdmux disabled --> no useable keyboard?!

Luis P. Mendes luislupe at gmx.com
Wed Feb 17 16:44:21 UTC 2016

(Due to change of hardware and OS I lost the original messages, but
will paste the context)

On 2015.11.25 Polytropon wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Nov 2015 23:23:56 +0000, Luis P. Mendes wrote:
> >   Hi,
> >
> >   I'm setting up a multiseat workstation, where two users, with two
> >   monitors, two keyboards, two mice and two X sessions can be
> >   connected to the same computer at the same time.
> >
> >   For this to happen, one of the things that is necessary to do is to
> >   disable kbdmux in order for the two keyboards to be considered
> >   independent.
> >
> >   In the past, I've accomplished this with syscon, which had other
> >   problems.  But now with vt, when I disable kbdmux either on
> >   /boot/device.hints or in /boot/loader.conf with:
> >     hint.kbdmux.0.disabled="1"
> >
> >   No keys are recognized by the OS, although dmesg seems to know about
> >   the existence of the USB keyboard.
> You need to manually transfer the control of one keyboard to the
> other - from the "active" to the "inactive" one (to become the
> "active" one). Use the kbdcontrol program to do this, "man kbdcontrol"
> has more information about the -k option.
> This of course only works when kbdmux is disabled.

Only now, could I return to this project.

The steps I've taken:
1. Have an USB keyboard attached to the motherboard.  No serial keyboard used.

2. In /boot/loader.conf, have these lines added:

3. In /etc/rc.conf.local:
    kbdcontrol -k /dev/ukbd0 < /dev/console

4. In /var/log/messages, there are these lines:
    kernel: ukbd0: <USB Keyboard> on usbus0
    kernel: kbd0 at ukbd0

5. # ll /dev/uk*
     crw-------  1 root  wheel  0x7f 15 Fev 22:39 /dev/ukbd0

6. # ls -l /dev/kb*
     lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  5 15 Fev 22:39 /dev/kbd0 -> ukbd0

But I can't type anything in the (virtual) console.  I'm not
considering X yet.

I don't understand what exactly is meant as example in the manual of
kbdcontrol, so cannot find what is wrong with this.
Would appreciate some help on this.


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