poudriere options

Andrew Berg aberg010 at my.hennepintech.edu
Tue Feb 9 15:19:38 UTC 2016

On 2016.02.09 08:33, Albert Shih wrote:
> But how can I have the standard configuration of make.conf. For example
> I got a poudriere with
>   DEFAULT_VERSIONS= ruby=2.1 perl5=5.20 python=2.7 php=5.6 pgsql=9.4 apache=2.4
> that's fine for some special use. But sometime I would like to use the
> standard version, meanning when pgsql go to 95 I don't have to make a
> another poudriere jail.
> How can I have the standard version of all DEFAULT_VERSIONS, should I
> change it when /usr/ports/UPDATING change, or I create a poudriere jail
> with empty DEFAULT_VERSION.
Simply take out the pgsql part, and poudriere will use the default default
version the next time you do a bulk run. This is the same as in standard ports.
Did you think you had to set a version for everything that uses DEFAULT_VERSIONS?

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