Migrating ZFS on Linux pools to FreeBSD

Ruben Schade newsgroups at rubenschade.com
Tue Feb 9 04:59:08 UTC 2016

Matthew, Brandon, Krad and Anders,

Thanks for all your tips, really appreciated.

Fortunately, I had the luck without hindsight to set flags for my ZFS 
pools that were compatible with FreeBSD, confirmed by using the FreeBSD 
boot media and attaching from a shell. I'm running 10.2-RELEASE now, and 
my pools work great.

On 5/02/2016 2:21 am, krad wrote:
> to add a bit more, both kernels use the same zfs core code, as do most
> illumos based OS's. So there shouldn't be compatibility issues as others
> have said as long as the feature flags supported by the kernel are = or >
> the pool versions.

Today I learned, thanks :)

A real bummer Solaris is in the hands of Oracle now (well, pre-fork). 
GELI works fine, but native ZFS encryption and the other features since 
Solaris 11 on *BSD and illumos would be great.

Ruben Schade in s/Singapore/Sydney/

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