Switch from legacy to UEFI boot??

Trond Endrestøl Trond.Endrestol at fagskolen.gjovik.no
Thu Feb 4 14:03:49 UTC 2016

On Thu, 4 Feb 2016 14:36+0100, Matthias Fechner wrote:

> Am 04.02.2016 um 08:49 schrieb Trond Endrestøl:
> > If you already use the GPT partitioning scheme and can make some extra 
> > room on your harddrive, then you'll be able to create a small ESP of 
> > 800K, and populate that partition with /boot/boot1.efifat.
> > 
> > E.g.:
> > 
> > gpart create -t efi -s 800K -l esp0 ada0
> > gpart bootcode -p /boot/boot1.efifat -i <index-of-efi> ada0
> is it true that currently the EFI loaded cannot boot a ZFS root?

As of r294999, stable/10's boot1.efi and loader.efi is able to boot 
ZFS. Both boot1.efi and loader.efi takes the bootfs property into 
consideration. Finally we can use the familiar loader menu, and not 
something I last saw when I used FreeBSD 4. If you use BE's, then the 
loader.efi boot menu lets you select which BE to boot from. It's a 
dream come true. I was able to scrap the 4 GiB UFS partition I 
previously used for storing /boot.

The laptop behind me is proof enough, although you can't see it and 
thus not verify my claims. It multiboots Windows 10 and FreeBSD 10, 
using rEFInd as the boot manager

rEFInd is told to load Windows' \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI for Windows 10, 
and \FreeBSD\boot1.efi for FreeBSD 10. The EFI firmware loads the 
rEFInd boot loader by default, but I have also added EFI boot menu 
entries for Windows 10 and FreeBSD 10, should rEFInd decide to act up.


Maybe you should wait until the next stable/10 snapshot is available, 
as the snapshot from 20150127 is one day or so behind r294999.


You can use boot1.efi and loader.efi from the latest head snapshot if 
you can't wait, I did for one of my newest stable/10 VMs back home.

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