Easiest way to watch Netflix in FreeBSD?

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 13:35:42 UTC 2016

You MAY have luck with the user agent switcher.  Search in Firefox 
addons and, once installed, download from:


There's a major set of extensions to make the browser identify itself as 
any number of OS and browser identities.  I don't have time to test and 
find out what works.  (What's really annoying is that they are detecting 
for browsers at all.  It's HTML5 which is supposed to be fully 
independent.)  Please let the list know if you find anything that works. :-)


On 02/01/2016 07:40, Malcolm Matalka wrote:
> Shane Ambler <FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz> writes:
>> On 30/01/2016 23:29, Victor Sudakov wrote:
>>> Bernt Hansson wrote:
>>>>> It turns out that chrome (chromium with some closed DRM components) is
>>>>> needed, but it isn't available in ports.
>>>>> So is there any way, besides using the virtual machine?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Yuri
>>>> Yes. Don't use netflix.
>>> Netflix uses FreeBSD in its appliances, so not using Netflix is kind
>>> of unfair :-)
>>> https://openconnect.itp.netflix.com/software/
>> That would be a good argument for Netflix tech support.
>> So you use FreeBSD to run your servers, when will you allow FreeBSD
>> users to access your service?
> Does Pipelight work?  It's in pkg.
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