Fwd: Re: after dd freebsd performed, tryed check /dev/sdb1(notebook can not start with flash)

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Fri Dec 30 19:42:09 UTC 2016

On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 17:44:40 +0100, swjatoslaw gerus wrote:
> Dear Sir
> performed  
> 1.  cd  /     
> 2. mkdir  /mnt    
> 3. cd  /mnt
> 4. mount -f pcfs  /dev/sdb1   /mnt
> 5.ls -lsar  /mnt  ... root . root ..   nothing

So it is an empty file system. As I sait, a FAT32 file system
looks wrong for a FreeBSD boot medium anyway.

> 6. more  /dev/sdb1    -Yes as before

Probably remains of a boot loader.

> 7. cd /
> 8. ls -lsar /mnt    -as in p 5

To be expected. :-)

>  About your point of view  -hardware cheking
>  Student s-admin  after installation failed ,stated 
> (forced author work with  sudo su startx - not managed
> blocked windov)

> It is radeon 3450 , would not work with 64 u-16.04.1,you must go to
> L-mint )

Yes, there are Linux distributions which do not support
specific graphic cards / chips out of the box. In most
cases, it's possible for a skilled admin to simply install
the required drivers. Alternatively, a different distribution
might already include that driver.

Maybe you're better off using Linux Mint? It's quite popular
and well maintained. However, withouth checking, I do not
know which desktop environment it comes with.

> Author started  - tty1 sudo su xinit  - tty2  , unity  -
> It is work

But it is nonsense. You're doing something you are not
supposed to do (like climbing through your window to
enter your house instead of using the door - it _does_
work, but using the proper key is probably easier). :-)

On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 17:54:59 +0100, swjatoslaw gerus wrote:
>  Please do not forget ! - root kill -9 tor automat. restart 
> root
> top | grep tor 
> 1430  
> root 
> kill -9 1430 killed 
> started  tor 4335  debian-+
> &
>  Another  Surprise expected ...

That is a distribution-specific Linux problem which you
shoule ask about in a forum or mailing list that deals with
that Linux distribution. All I can say (without further
diagnostics) it looks like some "automatic restart magic",
maybe related to systemd... but actually, I have no idea. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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