after dd freebsd performed, tryed check /dev/sdb1(notebook can not start with flash)

swjatoslaw gerus milstar2 at
Fri Dec 30 01:33:03 UTC 2016


after dd freebsd  and solaris  on new sandisk  ultrafit 16gb
performed,tryed  check /dev/sdb1(notebook can not start with flash)

1. fdisk -l  c W95  FAT32 (LBA)

2.mkdir  /home/user/mnt

3.mount -f pcfs /dev/sdb1  /home/user/mnt

as in
or  ubuntu 16.04 not compatible

4.more /dev/sdb1

some great file started with 

Loading keymap

oadertoo large

Non-system disk

Press any key to reboot

folloving text not readable


what is false ? must be cleaned for second dd attempt ?

or  problem is multiboot scenario  ?
Installing on Bare Metal in a Multiboot Scenario

In a multiboot scenario, you install Oracle Solaris 11 on the bare metal
alongside your existing operating system(s). This scenario is the most
complicated and requires some preparation.
The Oracle Solaris 11 Live Media includes the GNOME Partition Editor,
GParted, which you can use to partition your hard disk. You should
create a partition of type *Linux swap*, which the Oracle Solaris
installer will recognize.

Relevant comment would apreciated

Wish good mood

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