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Stari Karp writes:

> On Thu, 2016-12-29 at 16:29 +0000, John Levine wrote:
>> In article <1483012420.95172.9.camel at yandex.com> you write:
>> > 
>> > I like to increase swap partition ...
>> Why?Most BSD systems hardly use swap space at all.There's plenty
>> of paging but that's mostly from the files that back the memory.
>> R's,
>> John
> I am using Synth and I have 8 GB memory and swap partition was made
> defaut 3.6 GB and when I built LibreOFFice and Firefox for example
> together than going swap to 100%
> (swap_pager: out of swap space
> kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace(5): failed)
> and because that I think to increase swap partition.

Building each of those ports individually or temporarily disabling the
use of tmpfs with `synth configure` would make a whole lot more sense
than creating a new or larger swap partition that you'll never use

Yes, Synth builds will fail if you try and build several large packages
at once and run out of temporary space in RAM. The same thing happens
with Poudriere. But once you've completely built a repository for the
first time you're unlikely to run into that problem again, since the
large ports that caused the failure in the first place will probably not
be built simultaneously again.

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