Fwd: You really shouldn't run X as root. ...Can ot start without sudo su ... Will speedy as possilbe istall bsd/solaris an delete both 32& 64 linux ,

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Wed Dec 28 19:36:28 UTC 2016

On Wed, 28 Dec 2016 20:16:17 +0100, swjatoslaw gerus wrote:
> You really shouldn't run X as root.  ...Can ot start without sudo su  

As I said, this looks wrong. You should be able (and actually do)
start X from a user account with "startx", or have the system
start a display manager (for graphical login), such as gdm or
xdm, where you also log in with your user account.

> ... Will speedy as possilbe install bsd/solaris     an delete  both 32&
> 64 linux   ,
> If delete before  , author would not connected

Good idea. At least keep _one_ of the installations that works
more or less painlessly. Having both a 32 bit and a 64 bit
version of the same Linux distribution on the same system
looks more or less like nonsense to me.

> and must going   to  public internet caffee
> they would i most of the case's  not offer possibility access   network
> with   extra notebook 

Not neccessarily. Meanwhile there are plenty of open WLAN
hotspots that you can use with your own computer.

> or must going to student sysadm's   .They (not the author -Zufällige
> Bekannte) possibly   observed  as students  movements
> (it is norm in each country)   and installed this kind of software
> ,without  knowledge -what is it ?

In academia, people are quite narrow-minded. At least it was
when I was a student (in Germany as well). Most people only know
"Windows", some at least have heared of Linux, and almost no one
knows about FreeBSD (or UNIX at all). At least the more technical
people (sysadmins and technicians) who run the university's IT
infrastructure, which heavily (!) uses Linux, know about it.

>  Author demand -stable software ,all anothers is  not my
>  business.

In that case, FreeBSD is an _excellent_ choice.

> Authority knew about author activities,
> they are some specific for   broad public  ,but full legal
>  If  Germany authority will monitor  germany student movement  -no any
>  problem from author
> point of view  ,author not related

In Germany, everything is being observed that is more or less
"plain text" (e-mails and regular web traffic). The data is
stored as required per law. The "nothing to hide" mentality
is very strong among people, so using a _safe_ operating
system (which has to be open source) and a _secure_ browsing
channel helps a lot to preserve your privacy.

>  will speedy as possible going  to bsd/solaris   ad delete   linux 

If a system is not reliable, unstable, and maybe insecure,
it's not a good choice for an OS to run on your system. :-)

> will read some   publication bsd and solaris ad think -how this task 
> can
> be performed

As per the handbook. :-)

Really: Installing FreeBSD is super easy as soon as you can
boot the installation image from CD, DVD, or USB.

In worst case, try TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD), an operating
system based upon FreeBSD (it actually _is_ FreeBSD), complete
with desktop environment and so on. But it might be "too much"
for you if everything you want is just a nice window manager
and the few application programs you're intending to use.
FreeBSD offers you that kind of choice.

> P.S.  tor  work  not with author  application programm  ,java  and 
> flash blocked 

That is normal, because they are the _prime_ security risks today.
It's not even "Windows" anymore that leads the "top 10 of security
hazards", it's typically Java, "Flash", "MS Office", "Adobe Reader",
and of course all those virus programs ("anti-virus" they often
call themselves).

PS. Instead of worwarding, use "reply to all" when replying to a
    list message. It should then automatically set the To: and
    Cc: destinations to the person you've replied to, and to
    the list. If I remember correctly, "reply to all" is preferred
    on this mailing list, even though "reply to list" would
    probably be okay, too. The Opera mail client should support
    both methods. Even my "simple-minded" mail program does this. :-)

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