ghdl and compatibility with linux pseudoterminal

Dale Scott dalescott at
Mon Dec 19 20:31:37 UTC 2016

Hi, I am trying to use the ghdl package to simulate a micro-coded
cpu/sequencer[1] included as part of a FPGA design. The vhdl model for the
cpu uses a pseudo-terminal[2] to communicate with the outside world (e.g.
using minicom), and ghdl gives an error compiling the cpu with the
pseudo-termnal code. Any suggestions? (or a more appropriate list?). 


dale at whizzer:~/ucodecpu % gmake

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys reg.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys regfile.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys alu.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys prog_cntr.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys ram.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys rom.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys memory.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys cpu.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys ulogic.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys ghdl_uart_pkg.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys ghdl_uart.vhd

ghdl -a --ieee=synopsys ghdl_uart_tb.vhd

gcc -c ghdl_pty.c

./uassem full_microcode 2> /dev/null

./gen_rom control.rom 8 32 controlrom.vhd

./gen_rom decision.rom 8 16 decisionrom.vhd

./massem basic_program.s 2> /dev/null

./gen_rom main.rom 14 16 mainrom.vhd

ghdl -e -Wl,ghdl_pty.o --ieee=synopsys cpu

ghdl: compilation error

gmake: *** [Makefile:12: cpu] Error 1

dale at whizzer:~/ucodecpu %


Fwiw, I had to comment out the "#include <linux/ioctl.h>" in ghdl_pty.c as
"<linux/ioctl.h> not found".









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