Building documentation

Warren Block wblock at
Sun Dec 18 19:04:20 UTC 2016

On Sun, 18 Dec 2016, scrat wrote:

> I am trying to build the documentation and building with FORMATS="html 
> html-split" works.  I then tried to build the pdf version it complained about 
> textproc/fop so I built and installed it.
> cd /usr/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook
> make FORMATS=pdf DESTDIR=/tmp install
> It will build a pdf but when I view it in okular all I get is ###### #### etc 
> for most of the words.  I am assuming that I need to install a font, if so 
> which ones as it is not pointed out in fdp-primer.  Also I think under the 
> "2.1. Required Tools" section fop should be listed as textproc/docproj 
> doesn't install it.

fop is an optional dependency which can be selected if the port is 
installed.  It will not be installed by the package, which uses the 
default options.  Yes, the instructions could stand to be updated.

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