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> HW defect or system failure
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> 16/12/16 10:54
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> Hey Guys,
> i got this weird problem of my notebook randomly rebooting.
> How would i find out if it is a kernel panic or a hardware failure?
> Greets
> J

Kernel Panic's usually (AFIR) end with a message on screen.

Check the health of the cooling systems in your notebook.  BSD (and most
'nix's) stress notebooks etc more than "that other" OS, so cooling is
critical.   Noisy fan's, blocked coolers (pet hair + tobaco smoke =
something like a carpet tile wedged in there!)

Overheating can also cause major problems for hard drives and RAM too.

Check too, the health of the PSU, if that's running too hot, they can
shutdown and cause problems.

Hope it's something simple to fix..

If it's still doing it after a good clean out, try running a live boot
OS, to see if that survives.


Dave B.

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