No pkg(8) database found! 11.0-RELEASE DVD based setup. What next?

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Tue Dec 13 20:50:40 UTC 2016

Tue, 13 Dec 2016 21:14:15 +0100 tarihinde
Harry Schmalzbauer <freebsd at> yazmış:

> The reason I got FreeBSD senior was solely because of the earliest
> feelings of success.
> There was no magic, no unlogical convention, and the limited feature
> set did exactly what it promised. I hadn't ever go to bed with
> unachieved goals which ended in »mustn't be possible that this
> doesn't work out of the box, but can't find my mistake«. I always had
> success or the chance to find out what _I_ made wrong. Now I'm close
> to 2017 and sitting infront a basic FreeBSD setup and can't find out
> what _I_ made wrong :-(

FreeBSD swithed to bsdinstall. It is the default installation mechanism
unless you switch to $SHELL and run commands.

Graphical desktops are included. I can list the packages on
10.3-DVD.iso under packages directory. It has three distinct
directories: FreeBSD:10:amd64, FreeBSD:10:x86_64 and repos

Packages are all set up with repo config and etc. You can run pkg which
is already installed. pkg -R < repo conf dir> will load the
configuration from DVD (directiories are mentioned above). Run "pkg add
xorg xorg-apps ..." It will install all packages from DVD.

I hope it works. 

Gökşin Akdeniz <goksin.akdeniz at>
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