Different output dmesg and freebsd-version

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Thu Dec 8 10:22:49 UTC 2016

On Thu, 08 Dec 2016 06:58:05 +0100, Jack Raats wrote:
> The last few days there were a lot of security patches which I
> installed using 
> ‘Freebsd-update fetch’ and ‘freebsd-update install’.
> After rebooting the system there is a difference between the
> output of dmesg and freebsd-version.

What _is_ the difference?

> A few questions.
> Is the machine running the patched version so freebsd-version
> is the right output?

In the system log (displayed by dmesg), the kernel version will
be logged as issued by the kernel itself. If the kernel was not
subject to freebsd-update, its version number won't change - so
you have the "old" kernel version and the "new" world version.

After freebsd-update, the system will run the patched version,
of course.

> Is it possible to adjust the dmesg output? (And also motd etc….)

The MOTD (/etc/motd) is a text file which you can manually modify.
The placeholder for the version information uses the version
obtained from the kernel, according to "man 5 motd". Check the
setting "update_motd" in /etc/rc.conf (/etc/defaults/rc.conf)
as well, and see /etc/rc.d/motd for details.

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