FreeBSD Firewalls

Mike the.lists at
Wed Dec 7 19:59:50 UTC 2016

On 12/7/2016 2:42 PM, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> Well, the setup and loading of Postgresql9.6 seems to have completed
> successfully.  Now, before this can go live I need to set up the
> firewall.  I am used to IPTables on CentOS but have no experience with
> IPFilter or PF.
> First, which firewall, of the three I read are available (IPFW,
> IPFilter and PF is the recommended choice?
> Which of them, if any, have FW for dummies like tools/guides?

A good place to start, if you haven't been there already:

One note about pf and Freebsd... the version of pf in FreeBSD uses the
older pf.conf syntax of pf, I believe it is equivalent to the version in
OpenBSD 4.5.  So when you google for things, you have to keep the
differing syntax in mind.

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