How to become a developer/commiter to FreeBSD

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Dec 1 13:28:11 UTC 2016

On 2016/12/01 12:34, lukaszgryglicki wrote:
> Hi, I'm a developer, working in my own (one person) company.  I
> live in Poland and work for USA for 4,5 years already.  I've
> started working as developer in 2006 in local companies in Poland.
> I know C, C++, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and many more
> computer languages.   I want to contribute to FreeBSD in my spare
> time, but not sure who should I contact.  I'm using FreeBSD since
> about 2000-2001.   Best Regards.

You don't need to enroll anywhere -- anyone can submit patches.  The way
it usually works is that if you keep submitting patches of good quality
and you interact well with other members of the community eventually
you'll be offered a commit bit.

It's not a particularly /quick/ process to get a commit bit: you'll need
to be an active member of the community for months if not years before
that happens.

So join the IRC channels, contribute on the various mailing lists and
above all raise PRs with patches in Bugzilla or open reviews in
Phabricator.  Go to FreeBSD related conferences (BSDCan, MeetBSD in
North America; EuroBSDCon and Fosdem in Europe, others around the
world).  Don't be put off if reviewers ask you to change things --
that's all part of the normal process and happens to even the most
experienced committers.

There are actually 3 flavours of commit bit -- ports, doc and src.
Volunteering to maintain some ports is a good step towards
committer-hood, as is contributing to the documentation.  Either of
these paths can gain you a commit bit in those areas, and it's then
fairly common for a committer in one area to collect one or more of the
other flavours of commit bit.



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