FreeBSD and two different networks

Maxim V Filimonov che at
Wed Sep 30 20:59:08 UTC 2015

Dear All,

I have a FreeBSD machine at work. It's mostly connected to the so-called 
"internal" network that has a static ip: let it be The 
default gateway for that network is 
Sometimes, I need to connect this machine to another network that uses DHCP. 
Its network mask differs: it's The second network uses DHCP. 

The question is: can I set both of the default gateways (skip DHCP: I can 
configure the interface for the "external" network manually) in some way? Can 
I set up some kind of a daemon that checks whether one of my gateways is 
accessible and forwards all of the traffic through that gateway? Thank you 
very much in advance.
wbr, Maxim Filimonov <che at>

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