Serial comms with espruino - stty?

Stephen Roome Steve.Roome at
Tue Sep 29 17:19:56 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've recently been given a tiny ARM chip on a usb board - an Espruino Pico.

Unfortunately, I'm not having a lot of luck in FreeBSD with this.

In Linux and OSX the device attaches as /dev/tty.something and
/dev/cusomething and ...

screen /dev/tty.something works great on both.

In FreeBSD however it attaches via umodem as...


screen /dev/ttuU0 sort of works however umodem or ucom or tty or something
seems to buffer the last character of input or output. i.e. typing is hard
work. screen is effectively always exactly one keypress behind.

I've played with the stty settings (which I think, but I'm not certain,
that I have to make to /dev/ttyU0.init for them to actually be applied -
hey, is this documented somewhere ???) but to no avail.

Does anyone know how I affect the umodem/ucom/tty settings to make comms
over screen usable. I get the same with cu as well.

For bonus points. ..
If after that you can suggest how to get chrome.serial javascript functions
to work I'll be even more grateful - but that seems a long shot.

I'm assuming this is all my fault of course.



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