10.2 graphics problem

Quartz quartz at sneakertech.com
Sun Sep 27 01:06:10 UTC 2015

>>> Thanks for creating that. The PXE page was especially interesting.
>> As an aside, his notes on syslinux v4 are out of date. In recent
>> versions things have been rearchitected and broken out into a dozen
>> support files with a different directory layout. (Just FYI in case you
>> try to follow the instructions literally).
> Yes, it's a perennial problem with technical docs. Some time I need to
> update that. Preferably to include UEFI PXE-boot, too.

GLHF. The syslinux project has absolutely atrocious documentation, it 
took me like an hour of trial and error and vague error messages before 
I figured out all the new files you need. This is off topic, but for 


hdt needs an external file to be able to identify pci devices:
gzip and put in with the other binaries.

You can potentially swap lpxelinux.0 in for normal pxelinux.0 if you 
want to load things off http instead of tftp, but in my experience it's 
still very buggy (crashes HDT for example).

I'd also suggest copying the lua modules over too, as that will enable 
your menu to call lua scripts which are FAR more functional. I installed 
a script that patches the 'localboot' parameter to actually work.


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