zfs performance degradation

Graham Allan allan at physics.umn.edu
Fri Sep 25 13:12:06 UTC 2015

On 9/24/2015 7:58 PM, Paul Kraus wrote:
> On Sep 24, 2015, at 17:40, CeDeROM <cederom at tlen.pl> wrote:
>> For RAID/NAS use ondy WD RED drives family :-) Others WILL break
>> timings with hidden error verify mechanisms..
>> http://www.wdc.com/red
> I assume you are referring to the other “color” drives. I have had no
> issues with the RE and SE series of Datacenter drives in zpool
> configurations.

WD Reds are pretty solid, and I have used hundreds of them in ZFS pools 
without *apparent* issues, while I would never consider the blue or even 
less Green for this. However they're still a low-cost option - if I'd 
had the funds I would much rather have used SE or RE!

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