Name/label/id metadata: how do I make it go away

Chris Stankevitz chris at
Wed Sep 23 20:53:37 UTC 2015

On 9/23/15 10:07 AM, Paul Kraus wrote:
> I actually prefer the /dev/diskid/nnn names as those are tied to the
> physical drives. By using them I guarantee that even if a drive
> physically (or logically if drives or controllers are added) moves
> the system can still find and import the zpool. In the early days of
> ZFS one of the best ways to damage a zpool was to rearrange drives so
> that the ZFS label (and cache) no longer agreed with reality. I was
> in the habit of manually exporting critical zpools before making any
> hardware changes and after the changes were complete I would import
> the pool (sometime with new device names). ZFS _should_ be robust
> enough to handle device movement today, but I am slightly paranoid
> when it comes to critical data.


I feel the same way about my data.  Like you, I am paranoid and I want 
to understand exactly what is going on.  How can I guarantee that my 
data is safe when I'm at a loss to explain why my "zpool status" is such 
a mess?

Can you tell me how you go about "preferring and using diskids" when you 
import a zpool?  Do you always import on the command line using "zpool 
import -d"?

Thank you,


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