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Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Fri Sep 18 12:57:59 UTC 2015

grarpamp <grarpamp at> writes:
> Not to mention the irreproducible builds / pkgs / ISO's.

The base system build is 99% reproducible.  ISOs should be reproducible
as well, modulo timestamps.

Reproducible packages are extremely difficult to get right.  Baptiste
spent a lot of time and effort trying to get them to work before the
official switch to pkgng.  Many packages compile the build host's name
and / or the current date and time into various binaries.  Python stores
the timestamp of the original .py file into the .pyc file and will
attempt to recompile it if that timestamp does not match or the .py
file's mtime is equal to or greater than the .pyc file's mtime.  Emacs
does similar shenanigans with .el and .elc files.

> These days these flaws are more than a bit ridiculous,

You seem to be implying that everybody else is doing it except us.  This
is not true.  Debian and Fedora are or have been working on it but with
no success to date.

> Can we get a wiki project page and some traction on this?

Are you volunteering?

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