Constantly running out of swap space

Bernard Higonnet bthcom at
Thu Sep 17 17:56:55 UTC 2015

Using FreeBSD 10.2

I'm using a swap file set up as described at

No matter what size I make it (last time 4GB) I run out of swap space on 
a VPS with 768KB RAM. Space is being used by amavisd/clamd which is 
apparently notorious space hungry, but it's clear to me there's a 
problem somewhere. Everything works OK for a while (a few hours? on a 
system with very little traffic (100 emails a day...)) and then runs out 
of space.

I assume amavisd/clamd are not using swap space explicitly and the OS 
decides on is own that swap space is needed.

Any suggestions?

Bernard Higonnet

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