Poor support for graphic cards

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 15 21:05:12 UTC 2015

I've been having no issue in my PCBSD/FreeBSD mixed environment here.

The KMS stuff, once over, has been great in supporting all the ATI and 
Intel cards.

I can offer insight on the NVIDIA support on both PC and Free.... 
Awesome!!!  Fast!!!!

I, presently, have running:  GTX680, GTX 550i, GT 550, GTX 430, GTX 630, 
etc.  The 680 is in my son's dual boot rig that he games on.

Personally, NVidia has closed drivers so I understand Warren's take on 
it and can agree with it.  However, the reason that they are making it 
tight again seems that NVidia is grabbing lots of market share (despite 
the console market).  To that end, the counterfeiters are taking lower 
end cards and flashing the BIOS to identify as high-ends.  I got screwed 
on Ebay by this.  Ebay made it right, but the GT550 was, supposedly, a 
GTX 780....  So, Nvidia is trying to do more to protect the BIOS and 
drivers to keep things like this from happening.  Agree?  Disagree? I 
don't know.  I don't like 'closed' either but I really didn't like 
getting screwed.


On 09/15/2015 15:28, Warren Block wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Sep 2015, Erik Lauritsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Why does FreeBSD has such poor support for graphic cards?
> Because few people were available to do the work of porting X and X 
> drivers.
>> I would never consider using a Nvidia card with a closed source 
>> driver so I need something other than Nvidia. I have looked at the 
>> wiki for supported cards and the list is very small.
> AMD cards up to the 6000 series work, 7000 has some support for some 
> cards.  I'm using a 5750 right now.
> Intel video up to the 3000-series processors (non-Haswell) is supported.
> I have not tested Nvidia cards because they do not support open drivers.
>> Is that because people are simple recommended using Nvidia cards with 
>> their closed binary driver so it is not considered "that important", 
>> or is it because of a lack of developers or something else?
> Lack of developers, definitely.
>> It makes it almost impossible to run FreeBSD on a desktop with video 
>> watching capabilities.
> It seems usable here.
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