Problems with ZFS file servers

Bob Healey healer at
Mon Sep 14 02:02:46 UTC 2015

Also, this is not applied: 
because I have not been authorized for any downtime to apply it.

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On 9/13/2015 9:07 PM, Vladislav Prodan wrote:
> --- Original message ---
> From: "Bob Healey" <healer at>
> Date: 13 September 2015, 22:33:08
> Hi.
> I've been semi-successfully running multi-homed ZFS based NFS file
> servers.  Every 30-90 days I have to reboot them, or they become
> non-responsive on one or more interfaces.  My only error messages are my
> RHEL 5 clients complaining the server is unreachable, and the output of
> netstat -i showing fast increasing input errors.  I am running
> 10.1-RELEASE patched to 7/2/15.  Installed ports are minimal, mainly
> bash, rsync, portupgrade, and their dependencies.
> Hello.
> Show daily graphics one of the servers on such parameters:
> 1) pps on each physical network interface.
> 2) The errors on each physical network interface
> 3) IOPS on disk storage and the individual HDD (if you keep records)
> 4) the total CPU load and each core individually.
> Also attach detailed information on the network card (for example, pciconf -lv em0, ifconfig em0), network and NFS configuration by rc.conf

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