10.2-r strange issue with gateway

george vagner george at vagner.com
Mon Sep 14 01:08:12 UTC 2015

i have bee having issues with getting my newly installed 10.2-r system 
set up as
a gateway.

i have been away from freebsd since about version 8 so a little rusty 
athough i started at version 2.2.

i have my network interfaces up and working, one is a USB 10/100 
supported by the axe driver the other is on-board nfe0.

i have the gateway_enable="YES" in my rc.conf and have natd enabled.

it is a very simple 192.168.x.x to dhcped nfe0.

here is my problem, i can ping the internet from inside all ok, i can 
tracert out to places just fine from the windows machines etc, but i 
cannot get any http,ftp,telnet,mail thru the gateway.

i have my firewall set to open and have the divert rule such as

divert 8668 from any ip4 to any via nfe0

why would pings and traceroutes get thru the nat but not other protocols 
and where can i look to fix it.?

any help would be appreciated.


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