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William A. Mahaffey III wam at
Wed Sep 9 16:18:45 UTC 2015

On 09/09/15 11:18, Graham Allan wrote:
> On 9/9/2015 11:04 AM, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
>> Hmmmm .... could you amplify on that point about no compression w/
>> MythTV ? This box will have 16 GB of RAM & 32 GB of swap, so I *think* I
>> will be OK on RAM. I will probably stream video over my network most of
>> the time, but might be using the ZFS as well .... I just got done
>> copying the stuff from
>> verbatim into
>> 2 shell scripts to automate the setup, but if there are known issues w/
>> MythTV & ZFS+compression, more rethinking will be needed.
> Just that media files tend not to compress further. I have ZFS on my 
> home NAS box too, and though I do still have compression enabled I 
> shouldn't because the compression ratio is 1.00!
> I also wouldn't hesitate to use ZFS on a machine with 16G or 8G RAM.
> The system installer does a fine job of setting it up for you 
> (including a separate partition for swap).
> G.

Hmmmm .... OK, I guess I could not enable compression on /home, that 
seems feasible. If all it is is a waste of cycles I can live w/ that (if 
everything else is OK), I was just worried there might be some more dire 
issue ....


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