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> I like ZFS in principal (it's one of the things that attracted me to 
> FreeBSD about a year ago), but, as someone else noted, it seems to 
> require lots of RAM & possibly CPU for best effect. The MythTV box is an 
> AMD A4-5000, 1.5 GHz quad-core jaguar, w/ 16 GB of RAM, which isn't 

	My house fileserver (erm NAS in modern speak) is a dual core Atom
with 4GB. It manages a 4x2TB RAIDZ2 as well as a bunch of jails. According
to top it has 2432M for ARC (3592M altogether is wired). Memory is tight
but it's not swapping, and it doesn't no matter what the load. Switching to
your spec would be a hefty upgrade and would almost certainly make things
faster, but then most things can be made faster with an extra expenditure.

> especially robusto by today's standards, so I am staying w/ UFS. Someone 

	If you have the opportunity then benchmark ZFS and see, if you can
run it the benefits are great.

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