Create Ultimate Boot CD USB Stick

Quartz quartz at
Tue Sep 8 06:46:31 UTC 2015

> Is there a way to create an UBCD stick from the ISO image without using
> Linux or Windows?

UBCD uses the SYSLINUX package (specifically ISOLINUX) to boot to the 
menu and load all its modules. I have not tested this, but it may be 
possible to download and run the SYSLINUX scripts directly under *BSD to 
create an 'empty' usb stick that just boots to a dummy menu. If that 
works, you can then just cp the config and modules from the UBCD ISO 
onto your stick afterwards and be good to go. (SYSLINUX, ISOLINUX and 
PXELINUX all spawn an identical environment, so you can literally copy 
and paste stuff between them).

Alternatively it may be possible to just dump the contents of the ISO to 
a directory and use the SYSLINUX scripts to make a new hybrid ISO from 
that. I have a feeling this might not work though, since there has to be 
a reason UBCD didn't just use this feature themselves.

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