Spamassassin install.

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Sep 7 06:49:29 UTC 2015

On 06/09/2015 22:54, reg at wrote:
> Does the pkg install of spamassassin install all of the
> PERL modules that are pointed to by the spamassassin
> install document, or do I need to go to CPAN and get
> them myself?

It installs all the perl modules you need to be able to run
Spamassassin, but not necessarily all the modules that Spamassassin
could possibly use.  The mail/spamassassin port has a number of options
which affect what dependency ports will be installed, to enable various
extra functionality, like MySQL or PgSQL database backends, DKIM and SPF
checks, and access to distributed spam checksum databases like Pyzor and

If the default setup doesn't suit you needs you can manage by just
adding the missing modules and tweaking the configuration.  Or install
the spamassassin pkg from ports with your own choice of options to get
everything pulled in automatically.  If you the manual route, don't need
to install those modules from CPAN -- they're all available in ports.



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