Partitioning for a new system -- Third level mount point?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Sat Sep 5 00:44:38 UTC 2015

I'm setiing up a new system to run FreeBSD 10.2, and in the process
of doing a ``manual'' initial partitioning of the main drive for
this new system, I attempted to create a partition for which I
specified a mount point of:


(I want this to be a partition, all of its own, so that the actual
maximum disk space for it will be hard-limited.)

Anyway, I was shocked to see... after doing the create step... that
this new partition is listed in the partitions list as having a mount
point of just:


which is definitely not what I wanted.

Did I do something wrong, or is the install-time ``manual'' partitioning
tool actually limiting the number of pathname components for the mount
points to just two?

If so, isn't that a bit... um... arbitrary?

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