The FreeBSD Documentation Project: Is it just me or anyone is interested in reading the FAQ and Hand

John m8r-qatwhq at
Fri Oct 23 15:55:07 UTC 2015

I've been reading long articles, web pages on the Kindle for years and have no problems converting most HTML pages to Kindle format. However, I just learned the FAQ and Handbook are not plain simple [Single HTML] files converting fine with default settings with Calibre to ebook, but in 'XML DocBook' format (never heard of it before) which convert to an ebook containing its main content in a table with Calibre conversion (with default settings), which less so readable.

The reason I'm asking if it is only my interest, or, perhaps can be in the interest of many is, if the latter, then it would be useful to make information on how to get the documentation in Kindle or EPUB format more clearly visible on the page - or, perhaps even offer direct downloads - , as I guess more people are familiar with these - and maybe even find them more useful - than 'XML DocBook.'

How do I get the documentation to my reading device easily? Internet searches were not so helpful. Disclaimer: I'm also not a web developer.

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