Automatic reboots on boot attempts

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Thu Oct 22 21:32:35 UTC 2015

On Thu, October 22, 2015 2:48 pm, jaymax wrote:
> Thanks Valeri - I do like your thinking:
> I am not running X; (as far as I know)
> I agree! it must have gone into multiuser state, perhaps.
> But wouldn't this suggest passing the 'init / getty' stage? This was a
> confusing area as I was thinking of perhaps a problem with
> /usr/libexec/getty and the ttys*
> I have tried forcing it into singleuser mode, option 2 on the startup
> splash
> screen I think, with little success.
> But I do not have anything in loader.conf so everything should be running
> in
> default mode. This is a clean install, just about a week or two old and in
> the throes of rebuilding.
> "bad memory could also cause a reboot" - That's why I checked my
> capacitors
> / hardware etc. If it was faulty memory wouldn't that me manifested also
> in
> running from the livefs?

When testing from livecd, I would mount one of the drives as well and run
something really intense to pop up system load as much as the hardware can
take. Say, buildworld with parallelizing equal to CPU core number... Just
a thought. You can try to boot different live system, say one of Linux
liveCDs. As always with hardware, shaking the tree and watching what falls
of it may help...

Good luck!


> can I install /sysutils/memstat from the ports while using livefs?
> Will take another look if anything X related is running.
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