Spontaneous reboots with splash

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Wed Oct 21 18:31:21 UTC 2015


I've got a problem with a 10.1/i386 box which sometimes reboots 
spontaneously: no crash dump, no message, nothing; only a sudden reboot 
with nothing in the logs.
DEBUG_MEMGUARD and DIAGNOSTIC to my kernel conf: nothing changed.

I tried putting DDB into the picture, but it won't be brough up; again a 
plain reboot.

While doing all my tests (and kernel compilations), I was able to see a 
lot of reboots happening when the console's screensaver starts or a key 
is pressed to get back to the console.
In /boot/loader.conf I've got:

The above image will appear on boot and as soon as the keyboard is not 
used for a while.

With these settings, a "make kernel" will only seldom get to the end.

In fact, after putting 'blanktime="NO"' in /etc/rc.conf, I tried "make 
kernel" several times: no problem ever.

So I thought my kernel might have something wrong and I tried GENERIC, 
getting the same results.

Altough I've been using this setup for maybe 15 years, I'm starting to 
thinkg splash has something wrong!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any hint on how to get sure data?
I know I could just disable splash and easily live with it (that's in 
fact what I'll do for now), but I'd feel more confortable if I could get 
straight down to the cause.

Any help appreciated.

  bye & Thanks

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