USB wireless adapter for hostapd?

Carl Johnson carlj at
Wed Oct 21 15:58:51 UTC 2015

Malcolm Matalka <mmatalka at> writes:

> Carl Johnson <carlj at> writes:
>> I am trying to set up a Raspberry Pi as an access point, but FreeBSD
>> doesn't support hostap mode on the adapters (urtwn) that I have.  Does
>> anybody have any suggestions on where I could buy an adapter that
>> FreeBSD does support hostap mode?  Looking at the man pages seems to
>> indicate that very few are supported for anything other than normal
>> station mode.
>> Thanks for any information.
> I've had success with this:

That looks good, but I would prefer to find a US supplier so that I
don't have to place an international order.

> Basically, you need to find things with specific chipsets that support
> hostedap.  Ralink 5370 is one of them.

The problem is that most adapters don't say what chipset is in them.

> However, I've had trouble getting more than 80KB/s out (although I can
> max out the in at ~1MB/s) of this on my RPi1.  I'm not sure where the
> problem is because I just don't know enough about it, perhaps someone
> else knows how to debug/tune it.

Sorry, but I can't help with that.  Thanks for your information.

Carl Johnson		carlj at

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