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Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff niklaas at
Mon Oct 19 22:30:17 UTC 2015

On 19/10/15 14:54, Romu wrote:
> I don't know what program is in charge of /etc/resolv.conf, but after
> booting up, it always has the same nameservers, from my ISP I guess.  I
> tried adding into /etc/resolv.conf, it doesn't work.

How many are there? And is your machine connected through IPv4 and/or 6?

I once had the problem that one of my jails was not able to resolve
server names because I didn't realise that only the first 3 entries in
/etc/resolv.conf are looked up. All of those were IPv4 but my jail was
IPv6 only. (`drill` worked though.)


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