ports: USE_GCC == RUN_DEPENDS ??

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 Asunto: ports: USE_GCC == RUN_DEPENDS ??
 Para: "FreeBSD questions" <questions at freebsd.org>
 Fecha: viernes, 16 de octubre, 2015 12:19
 if I utilize "USE_GCC=yes" in my ports Makefile, 'make
 package-depends-list' includes GCC.
 I just wan't to have GCC on my package builder, not on the
 production host.
 Why does Mk add GCC to RUN_DEPENDS?
 How to limit it to BUILD_DEPENDS?
 Thanks for your help!

GCC is not part of base system on FreeBSD >10, it's Clang/LLVM. If you set USE_GCC=yes, you says toport system to compile the ports with GCC instead Clang/LLVM and must install GCC before use it in order to compile the port you need.

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