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Jeffrey A. Serio serio.jeffrey at
Mon Oct 5 17:51:51 UTC 2015

Polytropon writes:

>> I never found a magic key-stroke combo to page up in 
>> console mode, so I am mostly in the dark.
> There is a nice little key, called "Scroll Lock", and it actually
> does what's printed on it: it locks the screen (cursor disappears)
> and you can use the vertical cursor keys and page keys to scroll
> up and down. Press the lock key again, and you can continue where
> you left the screen. Maybe the key is so old and so obvious that
> you didn't see it. :-)
> No, seriously: Scroll Lock isn't supported on many systems to
> work as it should. FreeBSD is an excellent exception here.

Some newer keyboards don't provide a scroll lock key, or even a num lock key. I know mine doesn't. Perhaps there is another magic key-stroke combination that functions as scoll lock(?).

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