Is processor microcode advised?

Will Senn will.senn at
Fri Nov 20 15:44:01 UTC 2015

On 11/20/15 3:12 AM, grarpamp wrote:
>> Is it important/necessary/advisable  to install microcode for
> Microcode are fixes, tweaks, new stuff and restrictions, some
> documented, some not, it's all extremely closed source anyway (SHAME)
> to due to marketing, embarrassment, recalls, the NSA, and so on...
> so who knows.
> Examples..
> TSX-NI in Haswell is broken, microcode update
> disables it so you don't fubar your databases, etc.
> 32bit VM PAE, and so on.
>> Intel CPU's?
> AMD and others too.
>> If so, how do you know which CPU's have updates?
> devcpu-data and cpuctl and file access times will tell you.  It's
> resident on die until reboot, not flashed, and it's crypto signed,
> versioned and model specific, so you can't screw it up unless Intel
> does.
>> what do you look for in dmesg output?
> There are messages from the tools and/or kernel, you might need
> verbose, run them manually once, you'll see it.
>> Also, I see microcode_update has to load the cpuctl module. What are the
>> implications of this WRT security?
> It exposes /dev/cpuctl which may or may not have issues of its own.
> If you've got monkeys running around in your system as root or
> otherwise, whether or not you unload it is irrelavent.
> You'd likely get more security mileage by taking care of these...
> find -s / -perm +7022 -ls
> Until something bad hits the news, or your tinfoil hat starts arcing,
> just apply them by default and forget about it.
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Thank you for the reply and for covering so much territory.
I checked dmesg for anything like cpu or micro and nothing about 
microcode updates was displayed.

I did:
ps aux|grep cpu
ps aux | grep micro

and there were no processes running.

I dug around and found the startup script:

I looked at it and ran it:
sudo /usr/local/etc/rc.d/microcode_update start
Updating cpucodes...

Still no processes.

I looked at the microcode_update script again and thought about what you 
said about running with verbose, so working off of the script, I ran:
sudo /usr/sbin/cpucontrol -v -u -d "/usr/local/share/cpucontrol/" 
cpucontrol: skipping /usr/local/share/cpucontrol//m101067770A.fw of rev 
0x70a: up to date
cpucontrol: skipping /usr/local/share/cpucontrol/m101067770A.fw of rev 
0x70a: up to date
and the same for all 4 cpus

What I infer from this is that my CPU's are already as up to date as the 
microcode database is and therefore no process is needed or kept 
resident. Am I understanding this correctly?

Also, shouldn't there be messages in dmesg for the startup script?

I have the /etc/rc.conf setting:

and /usr/local/etc/rc.d/microcode_update has:
     echo "Updating cpucodes..."

I would think I would at lest see "Updating cpucodes..." with dmesg. 
What is going on?

- Will

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