lang/perl5 rename

Chris Stankevitz chrisstankevitz at
Fri Nov 20 04:11:24 UTC 2015

According to /usr/ports/updating:

  If you are NOT using the default version of Perl (as of right now, it is
  5.20) you MUST add a line setting the version you are using to your
  /etc/make.conf, to preserve /usr/local/bin/perl:

  DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=    perl5=5.xx


Background info:

I couldn't care less about Perl but apparently some of my packages
have installed it as a dependency.

# pkg info | grep perl
perl5.16-5.16.3_22             Practical Extraction and Report Language


My question:

1. Am I using the default version of Perl? (Presumably I am not
because UPDATING says the default version is 5.20 while I have 5.16

2. If not, then which version should I specify in make.conf
(presumably 5.16 but I have no particular interest in 5.16 or any
version for that matter)

Thank you,


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