ThinkPad LEDs

Sergey Manucharian sm at
Thu Nov 19 21:35:18 UTC 2015

Thanks, Brandon!

Excerpts from Brandon J. Wandersee's message from Thu 19-Nov-15 15:19:
> For whatever it's worth (possibly not much?) the status LEDs on my T520
> all work out of the box without fail, with the GENERIC kernel and
> default base system. I wouldn't think the T430 would be drastically
> different, so I couldn't guess why yours don't work.

Probably I haven't expressed my intention correctly, mine work too. The
idea is control them from th euser space.

> I don't believe ACPI handles the
> status LEDs (I suppose it might, but that sounds dubious), but if it
> does then freebsd-acpi@ might get you some helpful feedback.

Current Linux acpi_ibm driver does provide control over all ThinkPad LEDs,
and IIRC FreeBSD on my old T61 did too (8 years or so ago).

> Try booting the latest 10-STABLE or 11-CURRENT snapshot and seeing

Yes, I'm using 11-CURRENT now.

So I'm thinking it might be not so hard to add those regs from
Linux code to FreeBSD.


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